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Summer's over and winter's on its way. Fall is generally a busy and challenging time of the year, and people tend to stress more. So here are a few tips to help you stay active, focused, and healthy all throughout the season.

1) Go to bed early

Schedule your sleep the same way you'd schedule an important meeting. Going to bed early will make it easier for you to wake up earlier, and bring your energy levels up!

2) Connect with nature

Take some time to walk in the park —and admire the amazing color-changing trees—, or plan a trip to a near lake or beach with some friends and family. Getting in touch with nature will help to improve your mood as well as your immune system — which you'll need for the upcoming cold months.

3) Do some interesting and engaging reading

Some of the best ways to enjoy yourself while learning is reading a great book. Somehow reading by the fireplace makes it that more special.

4) Vitamin D

Did you know? Most of the vitamin D your body gets comes from the sun —your body produces it after sun exposure. Unfortunately, summer's over and with it, our long sunshine days. However, you can still get your daily vitamin D needs through supplements and healthy foods such as spinach, kale, soybeans, fatty fish, — such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel— and egg yolks.

5) Exercise regularly

Needless to say, exercise will help you to stay strong and healthy, so try to work out at least three times a week. And don't forget the CARDIO!

6) Keep your skin hydrated

Cold and wind are a truly bad combination for your skin! Prevent your skin from getting chapped and irritated by moisturizing it at least once a day.

7) Dive deep into yourself

Dark, cold and cloudy days may have a tough effect on your emotions. This kind of weather is related to higher levels of depression, sadness, and sometimes, even grief. Make some room to be with yourself to address your emotions and understand how you're feeling. Sometimes, simply identifying a negative emotion can take some of its power away.

8) Stay hydrated

Remember to drink lots of water and eat food rich in vitamin C! This will maintain your immune system strong enough to fight the common cold, as well as the flu —you should also consider getting the flu shot though.

9) Eat in-season veggies

Season vegetables such as broccoli, beets, carrots, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts are great options to include in your diet this season and get benefits such as diabetes prevention, hypertension control, heart health and many more.

10) Gratitude journaling

A grateful life is a happy life! If you don't already, you should seriously consider developing the habit of gratitude journaling. This is a great way to get some perspective on your day to day life and start focusing on the positive things. If you're grateful when you have little, imagine how rich you'll be when you have everything!


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