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Would you like to finish your day feeling the same energy you started with? Without craving stimulants and/or sweets?

A high glycemic - rich on sugars and transformed carbs - breakfast, or no breakfast at all, strains your body first thing in the morning. A body under stress begins to store fat and crave energy in the form of fast-burning sweets and stimulants. That's how most of us have trained our bodies to rely on snacks every few hours. This tells the body that there is a constant supply of energy coming in and that there is no reason to start burning our stored fat.

Fat is a calm, anti-stress fuel and the body's preferred energy supply: it burns slowly helping the body to calm down, detox, lose weight and have a stable energy throughout the day. This wonderful burning fat mode can be achieved by starting the day with a well balanced satisfying breakfast, rich and nutritious but low glycemic.

This is typically a good mix of fresh fruit and/or vegetable, healthy fat, grains and other super foods. When well prepared and balanced for your needs this breakfast will carry you through to lunch. You'll then easily choose a comforting balanced lunch (because no hypoglycaemia) which in turn will have you again burning fat and cravings-free through to supper.


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