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Waking up everyday to workout can be extremely challenging sometimes. Our motivation to get out of bed to exercise instead of getting one extra hour of sleep can be very fragile. So maybe you need a deeper motivation to put on your sneakers, maybe drink a pre-workout protein shake, and head to the gym to do your workout routine.

Whether it's a friend you go run with or a yoga class you take, knowing you'll be training with other people can get your motivation up and running. It's no coincidence that group training has become more popular lately, from yoga and pilates classes to row, boxing, or cross training classes, people are starting to demand better, more challenging and more fun group fitness classes.

Don't get me wrong, if you're more of a solo kind of person, individual or one-on-one training are still great options, but if you're seeking for an extra boost in motivation or looking to build some fun relationships while working out, you should consider group training as part of your daily workout routine!

Here are the 4 key benefits you'll get from training in group:


As I mentioned earlier, it's probably easier to go workout with a fun group than alone. At least you know that other people are also choosing to exercise than hitting the snooze button!

Stress Management

Needless to say, exercise can be a key factor in reducing your stress! By exercising you're promoting the production of endorphins which are the body's natural painkillers and the chemicals responsible for the "runner's high". Working out also reduces your body's levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Now, add to that all the positive effects social support brings to your stress levels! One of them being the production of oxytocin, a hormone which can help decrease anxiety levels and can make you feel more confident!


Meeting new people can be hard at times. Whether you're an introvert or a really social person, being at a place surrounded by people pursuing the same things you are is the best way to start opening yourself up, getting to know them, and in consequence, getting to know yourself! You never know... maybe the guys and girls you're next to doing burpees will become some of your best friends, or you could meet a possible business partner, you could even be doing your trampoline class next to your future spouse! ;) Go create those opportunities!

Building Self-Confidence

Ed Mylett explains that the best technique he's found to build self-confidence consists of the promises that you keep to yourself, and if working out every morning is a promise you've made to yourself, group training can make it easier to keep!

He also talks about how the gym is one of the best places to start SHIFTING YOUR IDENTITY by surrounding yourself with people who are already the way you want to be (the "thermostat effect") and by pushing yourself to do better, even if it's just an extra set, or an extra minute on the treadmill. Probably, most of the people you're taking group classes with are confident enough to spread the feeling and mentality to you!

As you can see, group training not only is a fun and motivating way to exercise, but it can help you stimulate many of the 8 dimensions of wellness! So go ahead and sign up to a new group class and start achieving your goals!

Which group fitness class is your favorite?


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