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Enneagram comes from the greek: "Enea" = 9 and "Grama" = figure, i.e. figure of nine.

The Enneagram is a self-knowledge tool which describes nine different ways to think, feel, respond and look at life; all with virtues and limitations, but none better than the other.


It reveals us in a practical, profound, but simple way, nine personality styles. The objective of getting to know your personality is identifying automatic conduct patterns that impact your performance and deteriorate your relationships.

By discovering and understanding the roots of what makes you who you are, how you think, how you feel and how you act, you will be able to STOP acting automatically and work towards breaking those repetitive conducts that keep you locked in the same personality type and prevents you from growing and becoming a better human being!

The Enneagram makes an important distinction between personality and essence:

  • Personality: Behaviors we have acquired throughout our lives such as manners, beliefs, fears, way of dressing, etc., that we have turned into habits (through repetition) and we came to think that this makes up our personalities.

  • Essence: This is the spiritual part, the unique and unrepeatable part within us, i.e. our true nature.

This both are part of a person, but the ideal thing is to maintain a balance. We could say that personality is a horse we are riding, which, if we know how to direct it, it will help us develop into our maximum potential. But if we don't even know we are riding it, the horse of personality will take us where it wants to.


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