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Going to bed early seems like quite an impossible task. You prepare yourself to go to sleep at 8:00 pm but then you grab your phone — the one you always keep right next to you in your bedroom — and start scrolling through Instagram or continue where you left off in the new series you discovered on Netflix. Suddenly, it's 11:00 pm and you don't even feel tired, you're hungry, and once again, your sleeping cycle is all messed up!

This is a 5 step guide to leave all of that behind and start building a healthy sleeping habit that will reward you in your everyday life.

NOTE: it requires discipline and a great amount of will.

STEP 1: Exercise first thing in the morning and avoid working out in the afternoon

Exercise is an excellent way to fill your body with energy, so better to do it after waking up! Working in the afternoon and/or evening will get your body filled with energy and can make it harder for you to fall asleep early.

STEP 2: Bedroom = NO TECH ZONE

Leave your phone, tablet, laptop, and every other possibly distracting tech — tv included — outside your bedroom. This will allow you to actually go to sleep when you go to bed and to get rid of the temptation of Instagram and Netflix. Also, make sure to STOP using your electronic devices 2 hours previous to your desired bedtime!

STEP 3: No food 2 hours before bedtime

Your body needs time to digest everything that goes into your stomach, so make sure you're giving it at least two hours to do this process before going to bed, so your body is actually resting while you're asleep!

STEP 4: Take a warm shower

Whenever possible, try to take a short but hot shower before getting into bed. Your muscles will relax and your body will prepare for resting.

STEP 5: Read

Keep a book you enjoy next to your bed and read it right before sleeping. Reading has been proven to help reduce stress levels in the brain by distracting the mind from the day's stress and worries. Go to sleep with a clear and calm mind.


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