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The Enneagram describes nine ways to view life. Understanding them can help us develop a better version of ourselves and build better relationships with those around us.

Discover yours...

One - The Reformer

Idealist, ethical, responsible and hard worker. Lives according to his/her moral principles and ideals; clearly knows right from wrong. He/ she is in a constant search to better this world and sets pretty high personal goals. Integrity, honesty, truth, and justice are paramount to him/her.

Two - The Collaborator

Optimistic, caring, affectionate, helpful, and comprehensive. Generous with his/her time and feelings. Warm and a good confidant. He/she seeks being needed, loved and appreciated, becoming indispensable to other people. Likes to give more than he/she receives. Easily identifies what others need and feels proud about not needing anything.

Three - The achiever

Efficient and self-confident. Has a great ability to adapt to any situation. Always has an objective in mind. Work-addict, lots of energy and very competitive. His/her goal is achieving success and prestige. His/her "winner image" and other's opinions matter a lot.

Four - The Individualist

Intuitive and sincere. Looks for originality in everything he/she does. Expresses what others can't with ease. Likes life's intensity and being different from others. Dreams and fantasizes about romantic scenarios. Reaches a depth of feeling superior to anyone else. Suffers or enjoys plenty and can have sudden mood changes. Always has the feeling something's missing.

Five - The investigator

Objective, analytical, and passionate about knowledge. Profoundly focused on what he/she likes and can neglect everything else. Pioneer, innovative, and inventor of our world. Maintains an emotional distance from others. Isolated, independent and austere. Lives in his/her mind, where he/she can get lost in. Difficulty to express emotions and engaging in physical contact.

Six - The loyalist

Very responsible, hard worker, committed and loyal. Security for him/her and those he/she loves is the number one priority. Has an inquisitive and vigilant mind. Skeptical and questioner. Likes things clear and always knowing what's going on. Doubtful before decision-making. Always alert to danger, whatever can go wrong, and to others intentions not getting him/her by surprise. When distressed or anxious, his/her mind goes to the worst-case scenario. Very loyal to authority or completely rebelled against it.

Seven - The enthusiast

Charming and dreamer. Looks for the pleasant and fun in life. Gets bored and distracted easily because he/she is always searching for new experiences and sensations that will stimulate him/her. Avoids pain and suffering. Likes freedom; can't stand anyone's orders. Finds it difficult to commit, reason why he/she likes to have various options at hand.

Eight - The challenger

Natural leader; direct, decisive, and assertive. Generous and protective. Energetic and enthusiastic towards life and work; inspires others to follow and trust him/her. THINKS BIG! Likes control and feeling powerful. Likes confrontation and tough challenges to prove him/herself. Hates the weak and represses any weakness or suffering manifestation. His/her word is law, so it's easy for him/her to break the rules.

Nine - The peacemaker

Pacifist, calmed, and conformist. Seeks outer and inner peace. Avoids conflicts and judgments; almost always impartial. He/she takes himself for granted, including his likes and opinions replacing them for those of others. He/she simplifies his problems and belittles anything that threatens his peace. He/she doesn't like change; routines and habits are comfortable. He/she generally leaves his most important tasks for a later date.

Now you know which personality you are, you'll be able to identify the things, habits and behaviors, that bring you closer to who you really are (your essence) and those you don't want to see present in your life anymore!

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