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beauty & anti-aging

Masterclass: Facial Care, Collaborative Event with Dr. Katerina Steventon and Jen Novakovich

Ontario, Canada

Attend this class focused on facial care, taught by Dr. Katerina Steventon. It will be primarily focused on skin biology and you will learn all you need to know about the perfect products your skin needs.

Florida SCC Sunscreen Symposium

Lake Buena Vista, FL, United States

Are you a beauty industry researcher? This event is an opportunity for you to present your latest research and meet the experts!


2019 topics: All topics related to cosmetic science with emphasis on sun protection, anti-aging, and skin cancer research.

The Makeup Show

Houston, NYC, Chicago (USA)

For you to be part of it you'll have to be a professional or aspiring artist working or studying in the beauty, hair, photography or fashion industry. 

Build a better kit, learn new tips for your career, meet makeup legends and experience the industry event that brings artists from all over the world at all levels of their career.

Makeup artists, retail artists, estheticians, cosmetologists, hairstylists, freelance artists, fashion stylists, buyers, agents, photographers, models, costume and theater designers, face and body painters, etc.


Istanbul, Turkey

Learn about the newest products in the beauty industry! In this amazing exhibition, you'll be witness to the latest fashion in beauty, hair, packaging and ingredients!

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