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Global Wellness Summit 2019


Join the leaders of the Wellness Industry, from "Wellness Tourism" to "Wellness Life-Style Real Estate", learn about their markets and how they are evolving. 

Identify new business opportunities and build strong networking in one of the most amazing cities in the world!

World Business Forum 2019


Simon Sinek, Zoe Chance, and Jim Collins are just a few of the brilliant and successful speakers you'll be hearing advise and tips from in this conference held in various destinations across the globe.  


Participate in the perfect environment to connect and build professional networking with people all around the world.

10X Growth Conference

Miami, United States

Learn the strategies from world-class speakers and business leaders that will guarantee you to 10X your business, income, and life!

Personal Mastery Academy With Robin Sharma

Toronto, Canada

Build your mind the way the most successful people in the world have in this 2-day conference and workshop with the business leader and life-coach Robin Sharma. 


Although there's probably a waiting list, go and apply now, you won't regret it!

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