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Valentine's Day can be a tough day for every guy with a girl... But the toughest of it all is thinking of a cool present she'll love and make her happy. If you've been searching for the perfect gift for her and you just can't seem to put a pin on it, WORRY NO MORE! Here's a list of the 4 perfect last-minute gifts that will drive her crazy and make you look spontaneous.

1) Last-Minute Trip

Of course, this one's depending on your budget, but, hey, get as creative as you like! An awesome trip could be a cool getaway to a nearby beach and spending your day there (she'll be grateful for this) or take her to a cool safari experience just outside the city. Experiences are the best surprises you can possibly give!

2) Schedule a Couples Massage

This one is not only a gift for her but for you. If you don't find a good massage place where you can go to a couples massage, you can always go to a nice hotel and ask for their massage day packages.

3) Restaurant Hopping

Have a drink at a cool bar with a sky view, appetizers at your favorite place (preferably one she loves too), maybe you could go have the main dish at an amazing underground restaurant and end with a simple dessert like chocolate covered strawberries at your place (cliché but great!).

Have in mind that Valentine's Day is a very busy day for many food establishments, so try to make reservations if possible. But since you're just having one dish per place, you could try and get them to seat you at the bar and keep the momentum going!

4) Cooking Class

Take her to an evening cooking class! You'll both have a great time, learn to cook a dish you'd probably never attempt to do, and have dinner, all while having a great time!

Don't be afraid to plan any of these for the weekend! She'll sure understand and you will have an easier time planning everything.

What else would you add to the list?


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