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Photo by Spencer Selover

We're so constantly focused and worried about socializing, meeting new people, social media, parties, events, family, friendships — I could go on — that it's not that hard to totally forget about getting to KNOW YOURSELF. Connecting with yourself sounds like a really easy thing to do... after all, you're always hanging out with you, right?

Ask yourself these three questions (in this specific order):

  1. Who am I?

  2. Am I satisfied with who I am?

  3. Can I change who I am?

For most of us, these are some of the hardest questions to answer, and maybe we can't even start to answer any of them, but it's ok!

I've learned that connecting with oneself can be either a very simple or a very daunting task, the difference resides in how aware and open you are to explore, without any judgements, who you really are.

More on this later, those three questions are more than enough thinking for now...


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